This blogpost was written last year. 

I love using mini whiteboards in the classroom – I often use them for testing spellings/ irish spellings or phrases/ tables etc. I also use them to practice maths questions before the children work independently in their copies. Making mistakes on whiteboards is no big issue as they can be rubbed out quickly.

In the past I bought my own set of whiteboards from Michael Doherty  School Supplies and found them to be of good quality. They are A4 in size and are just like a piece of paper (thin and easy to transport but children would need something to lean on when writing on them). In other schools, whiteboards with a thick rim were available – these were ideal as the children could use both sides and did not need to lean on a table (could use them on the floor – during carpet time). Overall whiteboards can be quite expensive. They are available for 33.25 from Michael Doherty Website.

dvd whiteboards 1

Last year, I saw this idea on Pinterest and saw some of the teachers in school making their own whiteboards. All you need is a piece of white paper (cut to size) and a DVD case.
I bought 35 DVD cases from Dealz (1.49 for 7) and had some printer paper at home. I then cut the paper (26 cm x 18 cm) and placed it inside the plastic.

Take out the DVD case.
 Measure the size you need (26cm x 18cm worked best for me)
Cut off the excess paper.


Open the DVD case.
Place the paper inside.
Lay it out flat.
Fold it over!

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 13.04.21

Finished product.
(Black marker works best!!)

(Dealz have 4 markers – red, blue and 2 blacks for 1.49 – however black works best!)
Use a hot glue gun to attach a pom pom to the lid of the marker which can then be used as an eraser!

(Picture from Kids Activities)