What is a perfect school? Is there really such a thing? I’ve worked in lots of different schools both as a substitute teacher and as a member of staff and to be honest I think every school has lots of positives and some negatives too. I look back fondly on some of the schools I’ve worked on – maybe sometimes with rose tinted glasses of how wonderful they were and how much I loved working there but of course there were days/weeks where things weren’t great and I suppose I’m writing this post to highlight the fact that there will be good days and inevitably bad days too.


Factors that influence the school environment

The Staff

I firmly believe that the staff of a school are what make the school environment either happy and positive or negative. If there is a can do attitude, a helping hand available and a mutual respect and support then this is passed on to the children and the school is a very happy place to be.


The Management

Every school needs a good leader – someone who works with the staff and adds to the mutual respect and support. A good leader encourages, motivates and inspires staff to be the best they can be. They trust their staff to be responsible and professional and don’t micro manage or try to undermine them. They put clear guidelines and procedures in place so the school can be a happy, safe and secure environment for all.


The Children

If there are clear guidelines and procedures and a happy staff then the children will also be happy. A positive environment where children are praised and where their achievements are shared is a very happy place for everyone.


The Parents

Parents also play a huge role in the school. If parents are supportive and respectful then their children also follow their example. If parents are welcomed and invited to be involved then they take great pride in being part of the school community.


The Facilities

Everyone knows the feeling of finding the ‘perfect’ resource for a lesson. Some schools are really well stocked with brilliant books, concrete materials, pe equipment etc. while others don’t have the same facilities. Some schools have other top class facilities – libraries, pe halls, sensory rooms, drama areas, computers etc. while others don’t even have a hall for P.E.

So overall the point of this post is to highlight that there are many things that influence the school environment and to reassure teachers that things don’t always go according to plan as there are so many different factors at play so try not to get disheartening or discouraged! All you can do is your best!