This week we started Eadaí in Gaeilge lessons. By the end of the week I’m hoping  that children will have learned the vocabulary for a variety of pieces of clothing as well as key phrases such as;

  • Tá __________ ar ____________.
  • Tá __________ uirthi.
  • Tá __________ air.
  • An bhfuil ___________ ort?
  • Tá __________ orm.
  • Níl __________ orm.
  • Tá dath _________ ar __________.
  • Tá hata dearg air.


Here are some ideas that have worked well so far with my class;


Cad é seo? Seo _____________.

We used pictures on the IWB and the children called out the word. (Very basic but it was great to assess what they knew and what they weren’t sure of. We did a lot of drilling at this point to build up their vocabulary.)

Orm agus ort

  • Point to yourself – orm
  • Point away – ort

We spent a lot of time on this.

Scríobh agus tarraing

I wrote a list of the words on the board and the children wrote them into their Gaeilge copies and drew pictures beside them.


Cuir do ________ ort

I chose 3/4 children to go to the back of the classroom. They had to follow an instruction – Cuir do hata ort.

The class then answered the questions.

Cad atá ar Sally?

Tá ____________ ar Sally. Tá ____________ uirthi.

Cad atá ar Noah?

Tá ____________ ar Noah. Tá __________ air.

Cad atá ar Teidí?

The children brought in a teddy with clothes. Many children had a ‘Build a Bear’ or similar which they were delighted to bring in. It made the lesson fun and interesting.

We did this in two parts;

_____________ is ainm di/dó.

Tá ______________ agus _____________ uirthi/air.

Today we added the colour too.

Daisy is ainm di.

Tá hata corcra, cóta dubh agus bróga gorm uirthi.


Éist agus tarraing agus dathaigh

Tomorrow children will receive two templates – one of a boy and one of a girl. They will follow instructions to draw clothes and colour them in. We will do this as a whole class activity and on Friday as a paired activity.


Overall, my class have loved learning about Eadaí and have really built up their vocabulary and phrases and are confident in using them. Next week we will focus on An Aimsir and use Eadaí as a sub theme!