The children who are finished before others even start ….

It can be incredibly difficult to have enough work/ things ready to challenge the early finishers or to get them to practice a new skill in maths. Some children in my class literally gobble up the Maths problems and its impossible to have enough for them to complete.

As an extra challenge I have a variety of materials that the children can use to make up their own sums. (Or get an extra challenge by dividing a 4 digit number by a 1 digit number or adding 4 digit numbers etc.)

Dice; I bought a pack of 5/6 foam dice from Tiger.


  • Addition – roll the dice 3 times and write your number. Roll the dice a further 3 times and write the second number and add.
  • Subtraction – roll two 3 digit numbers and subtract (making sure the bigger number is on top)
  • Multiplication – roll a two digit number and a 1 digit number and multiply.
  • Division – roll a two digit number and a 1 digit number and divide.

Playing cards; big packs available from Tiger. (Usually packs of 3/4 from euro shops for €1.50/€2)


Love this idea from Relief Teaching Ideas.