Educating Children Through Experience (Chill Insurance)

Educating Children Through Experiences

It’s so important for children to have experiences and make memories as well as attend school to learn. Learning comes in all kinds of forms, and there are plenty of trips that can be educational too. 

Here’s some ideas on where you can take the children in their summer holidays to help them learn some new things, and the exciting road trips you can take to get there. Just remember that you have car insurance from before you go! 

For Science Lovers

For kids that love science, you could take them to Imaginosity based in Dublin. It’s Ireland’s only interactive museum for children aged 9 and under. They can meet the Eco Badger, and learn about how the unique ‘green’ building works

If you’re driving to Dublin, you should try and drive through the Wicklow mountains if you can. The Military Road was built by the English and winds through the mountains. It takes you through to Glencree, where the German World War Cemetery is, and you can continue from here up to Dublin. 

For Book Lovers

Dublin was the home of so many famous Irish writers, making it a brilliant getaway for children obsessed with reading and literature. You could take them to see Oscar Wilde’s statue in Merrion Square, or to the James Joyce centre, a museum dedicated to Joyce’s life. Trinity Library is one you have to take the children too. It’s arguably one of the most famous libraries in the world, and well worth a visit. 

But a lot of writers got their inspiration from the beautiful Irish scenery. You could visit Coole Park, County Galway, which was previously an estate and home of Lady Gregory. She was friends with many 19th Century writers, and there’s the ‘Autograph Tree’, complete with a plaque engraved with the names of Lady Gregory’s friends. 

For Music Lovers

Your child might have a passion for music, especially if they’re a singer, or they play an instrument. The Rory Gallagher statue in Ballyshannon is a life-sized statue of the popular Irish blues and rock singer-songwriter. On your way to Ballyshannon, you can take a drive around Assaroe Lake or see the Donegal Corridor.

The Molly Malone statue in Dublin is also worth a visit. Molly is a fictional character, based on the popular Irish song that tells a tale of a fishmonger woman who traded on the streets of Dublin. The statue can be found on Suffolk Street.

Your children can learn so much by seeing things for themselves rather than hearing about them in a classroom, so research what there is to do in Ireland and try to take your children there this summer!

*This post is written in collaboration with Chill Insurance.