Last week, I completed the ‘Emotional and Mental Health Fitness for Well Being in the Classroom’ course with Anokha Learning. I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot about how best to support children’s emotional and mental health through teaching them about feelings, stress, being assertive and coping strategies for dealing with problems or stress that we all meet along the way.


There are five modules;

  1. Emotional and mental health fitness (resiliency, coping toolbox)
  2. Feelings and Stress
  3. Communication, conflict resolution (anger, helping, assertiveness)
  4. Coping skills, positive self talk, creativity, physical fitness, support networks, bullying, self-esteem
  5. Mindfulness




Each module is available in video format and there is also a document download so you can read through the presentations.

At the end of each presentation, there is a mini quiz based on the presentation.

After this, there is a forum where you answer a question based on the presentation and reply to another teachers response.

The course is full of ideas about how to support children’s mental health fitness in the classroom. It provides information about different areas of mental health development – feelings and stress, communication, conflict resolution, coping skills, positive self talk, mindfulness etc. As well as this, there are lots of strategies that teachers can use to develop mental health fitness for the children in their class.

Overall I found the course really beneficial and will be implementing lots of the strategies I learned next year with 5th class. I think it is very important to teach children about mental health and how to look after their mental health. Many children find it difficult to explain how they are feeling, or bottle up their feelings instead of talking when they feel angry, annoyed or overwhelmed which can lead to further stress. By teaching these strategies, children learn the skills to cope with difficulties and stresses.

You can learn more about the courses that Anokha Learning offer here.