The end of the school year is fast approaching. Here are some ideas for the last week;


1. Letter writing
Get the children to write letters about you as a teacher to your future students. They can write tips for surviving a year with Ms. X. (Things you like/dislike, what they can look forward to etc.)

2. Timeline
Make a timeline of things that happened during the school year. (Whole class or individual)

3. Hopes and dreams
Children write down their hopes for the summer/next year and these can be passed along to the next teacher/sent to the children’s addresses if they are moving on to secondary school.

4.  Yearbook
Create a yearbook of all the wonderful things that happened during the year. Different sections – class trips, funniest moment, awards, school play, drama, quiz etc.

5. Class Map
Create a class map of where materials are stored, where books are kept, where the library is, where to line up etc for next years class!

6. Summer to do list
Create a list of activities that every child should try to do over the summer. (Visit the library, read 3 books, write a short story, go to the beach, meet up with at least 1 other person etc.)