As the end of this year approaches, I find it a good time to declutter, organise and stock take. I’m a self confessed hoarder who keeps everything just in case so I find the end of the year a perfect time to reorganise things and dump/ give away things I don’t need.

Next year

If you know what class/ role you’ll have next year then you can start putting together resources/books  for that class level. We don’t usually find out where we’ll be the following year until the last week so its not possible to get this ready.

I think its also a good time to get some of your ‘September’ worksheets/resources that you might use – it makes things easier for coming back.


Have a look through resources and decide which ones should be kept/donated/dumped.

  • Are the resources in good condition?
  • Did you use them this year?
  • Will you use them next year?

Art supplies

I do a stock take at this time each year before putting in my art order for next year. I have a set of permanent markers and I’m fairly sure about 50% of them are out of ink but I still haven’t dumped them so I’ll do that this month. Its a good time to look through cupboards, dust off materials that you got for that amazing lesson but that you still haven’t used. Check paint bottles (sometimes they look full but are half empty/ dried up.)

Children’s work/resources

  • Start sending home copies that are full, books that are finished, art work (especially things like clay etc.)
  • Pass on books/resources (dictionaries/spelling/calculators etc.) that need to go to next years teacher.
  • Get the children to organise their belongings (books/stationery etc.) and start to bring these home towards the end of the month.


  • Take down and organise displays (if you have laminated materials put them all together in a plastic pocket.
  • Change backing paper (if needed).