Filling out the Supplementary Panel form 2018/2019

Ah the Department of Education love a good confusing form – they like to make you work for everything. Personally, I don’t understand why things can’t go digital – it would be easier for everyone and so much better for the environment. But alas, here we are with a 5 page document which needs to be printed, filled out by hand and sent by post to the Department. Anyway – rant over. The form is not overly complicated but there might be 1/2 sections that some people are unsure of so that’s the purpose of this blogpost. I know many people would feel embarrassed asking for help with the form so hopefully you’ll find this post helpful.

The form is available here from the Department of Education.

Part 1:

Panel Details

This is basically asking you which panel you are applying for. Options include;

Catholic: Over 90% of schools in Ireland are Catholic. Most teachers apply for access to this panel. (This means that the number of teachers on the panel is often greater than the number of jobs available in many dioceses.)

Church of Ireland: If you are a member of the Church of Ireland or if you have a particular interest in working in a Church of Ireland school – then this is the panel for you.

Educate Together: There are an increasing number of Educate Together schools. If you would like a permanent role in an Educate Together school – then this is the panel for you.

Panel Area

This refers to the diocese where you would like to teach. This has to be based on where you have been working for the last year. However, if you have been teaching in two different dioceses you can choose the diocese where you spent the majority of time teaching in the 2017 calendar year or the diocese where you are currently working (but you must have a contract on/before 8 December until the end of the 2017/2018 school year).

2. Teacher Details

These are your own personal details and include Name, PPN, Teaching Council Number (And a copy of your registration/ Statement of Competence or Droichead Form D to prove you have completed your probation by 8 December 2017), phone number, email address and college.

3. Irish Language

If you have an interest in teaching through Irish then you can tick the ‘have’ section. (Tick the ‘do not have’ section if you would not like to teach through Irish).

4.Special Schools

If you have an interest in teaching in a special school you can tick the ‘have’ section. (Tick the ‘do not have’ section if you would not like to teach in a special school).

5. School Details

The school used – must be in the panel area you are applying for. (School where the majority of teaching service during the 2017 calendar year was given or the school where you have a contract on or before 8th December 2017 until the end of the 2017/2018 school year. (This school will be used to calculate the allowed distance for permanent positions – 40km from base school)

6. Contract Details

Do you currently hold a fixed term/substitute/part time position in the school? You will also need to provide details of the school; name, roll number and the dates of your contract.

7. Salary Eligibility Requirements

Do you meet the salary requirements?

Has your salary scale been affected by previous teaching service in a permanent capacity/ previous post primary teaching service/ teaching service abroad or relevant non-teaching experience – if you answer yes to any of these questions then you will not be eligible for access to the supplementary panel! (Unless you have subsequently met the criteria separate to the above)

Part 2: Educate Together and An Foras Pátrúnachta Panels


If you are applying to the Educate Together or An Foras Pátrúnachta Panels:

Are you willing to travel outside the 45km limit of your current school?

Which counties are you willing to work in?

Part 3: Declaration

If you have everything that you need (as listed on page 4 of this document) – sign your name at the bottom.

Part 4: Summary Checklist

Tick each box as they are completed.

Return the completed form (along with other required documentation as listed) to Primary Teacher Allocations Section, Department of Education and Skills, Cornamaddy, Athlone, Co Westmeath BEFORE 8th December 2017.

Best of luck to anyone applying to the supplementary panel! 

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