One of the challenges of working as a support teacher is sourcing resources suitable to the needs of the children you’re working with. Support teachers have many children in their care, all of whom might have very different needs and need different equipment. When I worked as a support teacher  we had very little resources in the school. The resources recommended in psychological reports are often very expensive and schools cannot afford to purchase them.

These are just a few fine motor skills activities which only need items that you have already or that you can pick up cheaply. I’ve chosen 3 different resources which you can use in your room. These activities would also be perfect for an infant classroom.


Below you’ll see lots of ideas for using pegs to develop fine motor skills along with language and maths skills!

Some other activities;

  • Use a box – create a pattern around the box using different coloured pegs. Try with just your left hand/right hand/ change hands etc. (Once the child is competent – I set a timer for 30 seconds; the child then has a challenge of how many pegs they can put around the box in that time. We record the time and the child tries to beat it the next day/week etc.
  • Create a mini washing line – get the child to hang up some pairs of socks using the pegs.
  • Learning 4 Kids has tons of ideas too.


You can get straws in lots of different sizes – I picked up a thin and thick pack in Sostrene Grene last week. I like using coloured straws as they are more visually appealing and look fun. (The thicker pack might be good to use at the start before progressing onto the thinner straws.)


Allow the children to cut the straws into different sizes into a box/tub. Children can cut them into whatever sizes they want. This can double as a maths activity – sorting colours/ comparing sizes etc.


Using either wool or piper cleaners (or laces of course) – the children can add the straws in a pattern and design a bracelet/necklace etc.

  • Weaving
  • Lay out the straws
  • Tie a knot around 1 straw.
  • Pick them up.
  • Weave – front, back, front, back, front, back etc.


A more advanced project; I did this with my 3rd class last year – its tricky enough but they enjoyed it!


Beads are perfect for lacing too – again you can use wool or pipe cleaners.

There are tons more ideas here from the Imagination Tree.