Trying to incorporate Christmas as much as possible this week so here are some of our Literacy lessons based around the theme.

Christmas Vocabulary

On Monday, we did a Christmas vocabulary list (A-Z of words they associated with Christmas). Children worked collaboratively to create their list and afterwards we created word-searches using 10-15 of the words which the children completed in their pods.

This could be integrated as an art lesson too where each child could take a letter and decorate one letter with Christmas vocabulary and create a class Christmas dictionary.

12 Days of Christmas

Today we looked at the song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ and modernised it so the children rewrote the song lyrics but stuck to the rhythm.

For example;

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me an iPhone 12 mini.

The children really enjoyed this.

Christmas Advertisements (Oral language)

There are so many fantastic Christmas advertisements (I’ve chosen these three to start with). We’ll discuss our favourite advertisement, why we like it and then look at persuasive language that’s used.

Christmas Advertisements (Persuasive Writing)

The amazing ‘Between the Covers of a Good Book’ has created a free Christmas Advertising Pack which I’ll be using with my class.

Angelas Christmas

I absolutely love this Christmas movie. I’ll be showing this to my class on Thursday/Friday and we’ll be discussing it as part of our Literacy and History lessons.

Lots of opportunities for integration with the movie and comparing their lives with Angela’s life too.