Fota Island Wildlife Park – A review

Over the bank holiday weekend I headed down to Cork to meet a friend and we stayed in the Fota Island Resort and decided to head to Fota Wildlife Park. I hadn’t been in years and I really enjoyed my visit. Check out my video which goes through some of the key points of Fota and some of the things I enjoyed most. I think it would be a perfect place for a school tour.

We bought the tickets on the door and the cost was €16.50 per adult. Full price list below.

There’s a pleasant walk around with animals all around – lions, tigers, cheetahs, rhinos, monkeys, flamingos, penguins, giraffes etc.



The Tropical House was amazing as butterflies flew right past you, landing on people and their bags. Lots of fascinating creatures to see in here.

There are information points at each section showing key information about the animals including where they come from, what they eat, their habitats and threats that they face.

Overall I found Fota Wildlife Park a fantastic place to visit and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think it would be a brilliant school tour which the children would definitely enjoy and learn a lot about animals all around the world.