You probably think I’m mad to be talking about getting organised for September when it’s not even the middle of July however, this is a post detailing the top things to buy/acquire during July and August to prevent a last minute panic come september.

1. A good laminator
This is an essential purchase – if you make good resources or have headings from a website e.g. Twinkl then laminate them. (Do this once and you’ll have them forever more!)


2. Laminating pouches
These can be very expensive!! The best deals I have seen are in Mr price- 100 for 12.99- some of the educational supply companies e.g Evans educational- also have a good value pack. Lidl and Aldi will also have them in August (lidl already had their offers at the end of June but they should have them again before September)
If there is a lidl warehouse sale on near you- then they usually have packs for 1 euro!! (Unfortunately these warehouse sales are rare!!)
3. Paper and card
You can never have enough, especially coloured! It’s perfect as a backing for art work or writing, for display purposes, for cards or for organising! Often shops have it on offer so I try to pick it up whenever I it.
4. Stationery
Ok I have a slight obsession – however tesco often have reduced sections as do book shops and school shops.


Must have items include-
Permanent markers
Whiteboard markers
Pens (red, blue, green)
Paper clips
Staples and a good stapler
Push pins
Glue stick
Scissors (adult)
5. Folders
Whether you are doing your dip or have 10 years of experience- folders are a great way to stay organised. I have a maths folder and literacy folder with lots of different worksheets and ideas. I also have a christmas folder which has activities related to the festive season. Often tesco have reduced folders- I got one last week for only 1.75!!
6. A notebook
Whether you plan on using the teacher planners or just a notebook (or both)- you will need somewhere to write down reminders for yourself, meetings with parents, planning, ideas etc.
7. Resources
If you are doing some topic work on India for example, take a look at websites like Twinkl, sparkle box, instant displays, tes etc. Print out resources that you might find useful. (So much easier than last minute trying to find stuff for the following day!)


Pop into local charity shops – you’ll be amazed at the treasures (sometimes) you can find!!
These are just some ideas to help you get organised – spending an hour a week at your leisure definitely beats a mad rush at the end of August!!