I truly believe that you can achieve anything you want if you put your mind to it. Many children are very hard on themselves and get very upset if they make a small mistake. Some children give up before they even start or at the first hint of a challenge because they are terrified of making a mistake. Some children however are overly confident and believe they are ‘the best’.


I’ve spent the last few days working on this display – inspired by Pinterest. Yesterday afternoon, we had a chat about things we find challenging/difficult and things we find easy. The children discussed a variety of different things from skateboarding to Irish that they found difficult. We chatted about the various feelings we had when we couldn’t do something.

One boy talked about getting a skateboard for Christmas and when he went to the park to test it out he couldn’t manage it. He explained;

  • When I tried to go right, I went left
  • When I tried to go left, I went right
  • When I tried to go straight, I went right

So I asked, what did you do? He explained he gave the skateboard to his dad and said it must be broken.

So this term, we will be focussing on developing a growth mindset. We agreed to keep trying even when things are difficult/challenging, ask for help, take on a challenge and persist even when it is difficult, and if we make a mistake we will try again.

Hopefully this will enable the children to learn the skills they need throughout their lives.