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As something new for 2017 I’m hoping to have some guest bloggers for Irish Primary Teacher. This blogpost is just a quick explanation about it.


Anyone! Whether you are a student teacher, NQT, experienced teacher, assistant principal, deputy principal or principal I’d love to hear from you! If you have a particular interest in a subject area or particular tips to help other teachers, if you are working abroad or if you are a professional in another field who works with primary school children and can offer tips/advice for teachers – please get in touch!

I currently have two guest bloggers who have agreed to write a series of posts. The first is a student teacher who will be on teaching practice for the next 10 weeks. The second is a NQT who is currently completing her DIP.


Anything and everything. Tips, ideas, your own experience!


Irish Primary Teacher was originally set up as a way for me to keep track of ideas I liked/ things that worked well for me. It has grown a lot in the last 2 and a half years and is now one of the biggest primary teaching blogs in Ireland.

In the past 2 and a half years, I have written over 300 blogposts on a variety of topics. I will continue to do this but I’d also love for other teachers/professionals to contribute to the site and to share their own ideas and experiences too.

Teaching practice and the DIP are distant memories for me and while I can offer advice/support I don’t remember everything about it. Therefore having teachers who are currently on teaching practice/completing their DIP writing for the blog makes it more relevant and helpful for others who are also in the same boat.


If you have any interest in writing a blog post – just get in touch! There will be no deadlines/pressure to submit a blogpost on a certain day or at a certain time!


Send me a message on Facebook or an email to with your idea for a blogpost. Once we have had a chat about the idea – you can send an email with the blogpost and I’ll upload it to the site.


Full credit will be given to you if you write a guest blogpost. If you would prefer to remain anonymous that is perfect too!

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