Are you looking for last minute art ideas for Halloween? Here are some I’ve tried and some I’ve spotted from Irish teachers on Instagram!

First up – a 3D haunted house that I completed with my class yesterday. All you need is black card, a white pencil/twistable/normal pencil or tipp ex pen and then extra paper/card to add other elements such as doors/windows/pumpkins/cats etc. Step by step tutorial available here.

I spotted this on Michelle’s Innovative Ideas and loved how they turned out!

Fantastic pumpkins  (and a link with Maths too) from Infant Education

I love this pumpkin from Ms. Kelly! I think the kids would love working in small groups to create their own.

These witches legs could be done with cutting paper, paint, oil pastels etc. I love how each one can be completely unique! From Art with Ms. Lahart

Look at these amazing pumpkin prints from Miss Muinteoir.