As Halloween is just around the corner, I decided to get the children to write a spell using instructional writing. Today we planned what ingredients we would use and how instructions are written (use bossy words (verbs) and time connectives, order etc.)

We spent the first 5 minutes thinking about what our spell would be and decided to turn our teacher into something. Some ideas;
How to turn my teacher into a frog
How to turn my teacher into an ant

Magic potion to make my teacher forget about homework

The children then brainstormed disgusting ingredients they would need to create the potion to cast the spell.

After this, we looked at bossy words (verbs), the children made a list of all the possibilities that could be used in their writing.
(To explain this, I gave the children some example sentences and asked them to pick out the word that made them do something e.g. Stand up and walk to the door. Put the frogs legs into the cauldron and add the green slime.) The children then thought about the most suitable verbs they would need to use for their ingredients.
Finally we looked at time connectives which we would use to link our instructions together. I drew a clock in the middle of the page and the children then wrote different time words around it.

Template for Display – How to turn my teacher into a toad