I bought this book ‘Historopedia’ last weekend and I love it! I bought the Irelandopedia book last year and have used it so much in the classroom and resource room. The book shows the history of Ireland over the last 10,000 years covering the stone age, the high kings, the vikings, the normans, 1916, the war of independence, transport, schools, myths and legends, and presidents.




This is the table of contents – showing all the areas covered.

img_5769 img_5770

This is the beginning of the book covering ‘The Very Start’ and ‘Newgrange’. There is a timeline at the top of the page showing the time period. The illustrations are fantastic, the book is very well laid out with important facts and colourful pictures. There are two pages on each time period.

img_5766 img_5763

I love this page showing what 100 years looks like – its very visual and great for developing chronology and an understanding of time.

Overall, I think the book would be a brilliant addition to your collection that the children could use for project work and when learning about different time periods in history.

I’d love a collection of posters for use in schools!

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    1. Thanks for your comment John. Absolutely love both Irelandopedia and Historopedia – fantastic resources for children and adults too! Niamh

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