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With summer just around the corner now is the perfect time to book a summer course.

I came across ICEP Europe this week who offer really high quality online courses that will allow teachers to improve the experience of those with special educational needs in their classrooms.Their suite of courses in special educational needs and wellbeing will really improve the learning experience for your most vulnerable students.

ICEP Europe have been providing online courses to primary teachers for the last 15 years and have served over 20,000 teachers to date. All courses are 100% online and are fully approved by the Department of Education and Skills.

The summer term will run from 3rd July to 27th August and you can complete your 20 hours of online study time any time that suits you between these dates.

So why not enrol now here.

**Primary school teachers can claim 3 EPV days for any of our Summer Courses**

ICEP Europe are running the following courses this term:

  • €150 Understanding Autism
  • €190 Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • €150 Teaching Troubled Children
  • €99 Advanced Teaching Skills for Classroom Management
  • €150 Dyslexia
  • €99 Building Strengths and Creativity
  • €99 Teaching Hope and Optimism
  • €99 Teaching Happiness
  • €150 Teaching Gifted and Talented Students
  • €150 Down Syndrome
  • €150 General Learning Disabilities
  • €99 Using the iPad to support students with SEN
  • €99 Teaching and Learning with ICT
  • €99 Universal Design for Learning
  • €150 Literacy: A Toolkit for Active Teaching and Learning
  • €150 Numeracy: A Toolkit for Active Teaching and Learning


Throughout the course the ideas behind, and benefits of positive psychology were explained and developed. It has been my most rewarding online summer course to date.     – Diarmuid Ryan, Student

This course has for me been a truly positive and enlightening experience. It has answered many questions, opened my eyes, my mind and my heart. – Hazel Anderson, Student

*This post is sponsored by ICEP Europe.*

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