I recently completed the ‘Using ICT to support Literacy and Numeracy for Pupils with SEN’ course with INTO Learning. Earlier in the summer I completed the course ‘Beyond 2020; Using Technology in the Primary Classroom’ with INTO Learning too. Unfortunately, the content of both courses was quite similar – both dealt with Pinterest, assessment tools such as Socrative, Kahoot and Quizzizz, and Prezi. However there were some really good sites, programs and apps for tablets shared too.


Sourcing resources (useful websites)



Creating resources

Using ICT to support Reading

Talking books


  • iStory Books
  • Learn English Kids
  • Mee Genius
  • Read Me Stories
  • The Sounding Out Machine (this one is really cool!)
  • Sight Words

Online Instructional Reading

Making digital books

Using ICT to support Writing

I really like the following websites and think they will be great to use in the Resource room next year.



Creating picture books with some text


Creating comic strips – using speech bubbles


Other useful websites

Story Starts

The course was good as it gave video tutorials on how to use each of the sites/apps as well as lots of ideas about how to use the sites/apps in the classroom. I’m looking forward to trying lots of them out in September.