I’ve spoken to lots of parents over the last few weeks who are worried about making this Christmas extra special for their children because of everything that has happened this year and were looking for some ideas. Christmas will be different to normal this year for lots of families as it won’t be as easy to meet all our relatives at the same time or in the same place due to Covid restrictions. As a teacher, the things the children tell me they enjoyed most when they come back to school each January is the time they spent with their families/doing things together so I’m going to share some easy, inexpensive ideas below and hopefully you’ll find them useful.

Christmas Movie

There are so many brilliant new and old Christmas movies on Netflix and Disney +. Some of my favourites below – or show your favourite one from when you were a child.

Pyjama Day

There’s nothing like it at this time of year. Stay in pyjamas all day long! Watch Christmas movies and play with new toys!

Jigsaws and Board Games

These can be great fun. It can be as simple as playing cards, playing Snap or 5 card rummy or some more of my favourites below.

Arts and Crafts

There are tons of simple arts and crafts ideas online. Here are some of my favourites.

For step by step drawing check out Art Projects for Kids!

Christmas Lights

Go for a walk or drive around your local area and look at the lights and Christmas trees. You could take photos and choose your favourite when you get back home.


Do you live near the Seaside or the woods? Could you drive to your local forest/beach?


There are so many brilliant Christmas baking ideas for children. Whether it’s melted snowman cookies, chocolate biscuit cake igloos or reindeer. See some ideas below.

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate is one of my favourite drinks at this time of year. Could you try some different flavours? You could make it at home in the microwave or make a big batch in the slow cooker. Could you add whipped cream and marshmallows too?