I’m finished… what now?

So you set a piece of work and while moving around the room helping individual children you notice 3/4 who have finished their work and are beginning to get a little restless. You had planned that the work would take them the allocated time but unfortunately you were wrong and you have nothing else prepared for them to do. Panic begins to set in – open the next page and keep going… – uh oh now you have messed up your planning for the rest of the week.

I use Busy Books to combat this problem – well actually they are more like busy folders. I bought folders from Dealz but these ones from Easons are probably better value. Each child is given a folder filled with maths sheets, wordsearches, crosswords, plain a4 paper and lined a4 paper and doodle sheets from books like Doodles for Boys/Doodles for Girls or Doodles Colouring Book. I got mine in Heatons a couple of years ago – they are available from The Book Depository or Easons or any book shop. The folders can be easily differentiated to suit the particular needs of each child. If you notice that some children are struggling with subtraction with renaming then give them a sheet based on this. The art and puzzle sheets are great to enhance creativity and imagination. I love the Doodle books as children have to imagine and create the picture.

The maths worksheets can be easily downloaded from Math Aids or Math Fact Cafe. The wordsearches can be easily found here or you can make you own here.
You can also download some early finishers activities that I made


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