I’m Very Busy – 17 Month Diary from Ban.do

In case you weren’t aware… I love stationery! I think it would be fair to say that I’m a total stationery addict. I have boxes and boxes, drawers, and full cupboards of stationery – you name it.. I have it! If anyone needs something – they check with me first and 99% of the time I have it!

A couple of years ago, I bought myself a Filofax – as far as I remember I got it cheap somewhere and was delighted with myself. For a few years, I bought the refills but soon I stopped using it regularly and then didn’t bother refilling it. Since then, I’ve been using my phone mainly but this year I saw lots of diaries on My Shining Armour and really wanted one.

At the beginning of September, My Shining Armour held a pop up shop in Kilkenny so I decided to head down for a look. I was in my element in the pop up shop and wanted a lot of things. Originally, the diary I wanted was a polka dot one with 1 day per page but this was out of stock when I looked online and in the shop so instead I opted for this diary from Bando.


This is a 17 month diary from August 2016 to December 2017. It had a hard cover – so perfect for the end of your school/handbag!


There is a 2017 and 2018 calendar in the first few pages. You can also see the tabs here which show the months in different colours – this makes it really easy to open a date rather than trying to flick through to the date you need.


This page runs through the holidays and the best days.


There’s a stickers page!


There is an ‘introductory’ page for each month – with a phrase/ quote.


There is a monthly overview with colour coded important dates.


There is a notes section at the beginning of each month.


A week is spread over 2 pages – giving lots of space to write everything in.

Overall, I really love the diary – it was €27 which works out at just over €2 a month.

Unfortunately, the diary is no longer available from My Shining Armour but they do have some other lovely ones which you can browse through here.

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