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Sandra from Inside Outside got in touch with me a few weeks ago about reviewing her new product ‘Skipping Elastics’. I received them during the week and tried them out in P.E. on Friday.

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Sandra from @inside_outside_ireland contacted me a few weeks ago about reviewing her new product and I received the class pack last Friday. While on yard duty I noticed a group of children playing the game ‘England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Inside Outside on the scales’ it was a game I played myself as a child and loved it. Usually we played with skipping ropes which meant that the rope hurt when someone jumped on it (especially if you were wearing a skirt or shorts). So I decided to try the elastics out for PE. P.E. Is probably one of the most difficult subjects for my class- the majority of children are obsessed with football and P.E. Lessons need to have a competition/match element to keep the children interested and engaged. Initially with the elastics some members of the class were reluctant/refused to join in but after a few minutes there was a full competition! I split the children into groups of 3. 2 has the elastics and the 3rd was the jumper. They started with ankle height and jumped to the correct side as they recited the rhyme. Then they tried shin- knee-thigh-waist. Some children managed to reach waist height which is incredibly difficult! In the end they really enjoyed giving it a go – it works on their jumping skills (athletics strand) and also on the games strand. The elastics are soft to touch so there is no risk of injury . Overall I found them to be a great product – the pack contains cute rhymes for younger classes as well as different challenge jumps too! I think we might try to make up our own rhymes next week and add harder jumps too! #insideoutside #irishprimaryteacher #iteachtoo

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I was on yard duty and saw a group of children playing the skipping game using skipping ropes tied together and reciting ‘England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Inside, Outside, On the Scales’. I remember playing this myself when I was in school and we loved it!

The idea

Sandra got the idea at the Irish Primary PE Association Conference. During one session there was a demonstration of ‘elastics’ (german jumps/ french skipping/ chinese jump rope) and how it could be used to improve fitness, agility in the classroom.

The product

You can purchase individual elastics or a teachers bundle. The teachers bundle includes 10 elastics, four laminated station cards with differentiated rhymes and a teachers elastic (limited time only).

The elastics are soft, flexible and come in a range of colours. (pink, purple, green, blue and orange).

The product is currently on offer for 29 euro using the code ‘Scoil 29’ which also includes free shipping! You can order through Inside Outside here.

How I used them

For P.E., I got the children to get into groups of 3 and gave each group an elastic. We focussed on the rhyme ‘England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Inside, Outside, On the Scales’ so the children had to jump based on the rhyme. The height of the elastic started at ankle height and if they managed each part they then moved onto the next level (calf, knee, thigh, waist).

Initially some members of my class were reluctant to take part but after a few minutes they began to join in and we added a competition element to see who could reach the highest point. (One child managed waist height!)

Overall, we had a lot of fun! The other rhymes are probably more suited to younger classes but for 5th we used ‘England, Ireland’ and next time we might make up some of our own rhymes and add in trickier jumps too!