Interview Questions – Learning Support and Resource

Working as a resource teacher/learning support teacher is a very different job than a classroom teacher. I have spent the last year working as a resource teacher and it was a worthwhile but challenging learning experience.

If you have an interview for one of these posts – these questions might help you;


  • What’s the difference between learning support and resource?
  • Who can avail of resource hours?
  • Who can avail of learning support?
  • What would you do during the first week back at school in September?
  • What role do parents play?
Learning Support
  • How would you support a child with dyslexia?
  • How would you support a child who is struggling with rhyming words?
  • What activities would you do to improve a child’s comprehension skills?
  • What is the name of the document you use to plan for children who attend learning support?
  • How would you develop a IPLP?
  • What role does an SNA play?
  • How would you develop a timetable for learning support?
  • What type of contact would you have with the class teacher? 
  • Why would a child qualify for resource hours?
  • How would you develop a resource timetable?
  • Would you feel comfortable working with an S.N.A.?
  • How would you develop a meaningful programme for a child with ASD?
  • What would you say to a parent who asked for advice about giving their child medicine such as ‘Ritalin’?
  • What would you do during the first week of September?
  • What programme would you develop to support a child in developing good social skills?

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