Hi everyone,
I had another interview yesterday and these are some of the questions asked.

  • Why did you want to become a teacher?
  • If I walked into your classroom, how would I know that you were following the ethos of the school? (Roman Catholic School)
  • Conas is féidir an Ghaeilge labharta a úsáid i rith an lae?
  • Tá gramadach leadránach. Conas is féidir é a mhúineadh do Rang 6?
  • What’s the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher?
  • Talking about my last school – what will they remember about you?
  • What is one of the biggest mistakes you’ve learned but more importantly, what did you learn from it?
  • If we hadn’t taken notes about you what would you like us to remember?
If you have any questions, get in touch on facebook or on the contact form! 
Niamh x