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This is just a quick post to clarify some points re sponsored content/ad’s. I wrote this post during the summer following some questions after my series of blog posts ‘School Supplies in ________’.



I’ve been asked to review many different products on the site. I love seeing and trying out new resources so I’m always very happy to be contacted. However, I always tell the supplier that the reviews will be 100% honest and I will not write a review unless I think the product/service is really brilliant. I also review products that I have bought myself – without being contacted by the supplier.

I receive countless emails and messages to advertise or share new products or services on the site/social media pages. Sometimes I will do this – however, I try to limit these type of posts unless I really think the product is brilliant. We spend so much of our money on resources for our classrooms so I want to be 100% sure that the products I share/ review are a good price and quality and worth the investment.

Advertising on the site

I do not currently provide advertising space on the IPT site. I personally don’t like ad’s on websites and I like the current layout of the site. Instead of ad’s – I use the reviews and companies/suppliers sometimes offer prizes for a giveaway which I usually run on the Facebook page of IPT.

I do not get paid for reviewing products or sharing products I like!

Collaborate with IPT

If you would like me to do a review on a product/ service then you can contact me;





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