I was walking through Dublin this morning and noticed that the Art Gallery was open so we decided to pop in for a coffee and a quick look around. One of the current exhibitions is ‘Imagining Ireland in 2116’ which was a competition that was run as part of the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme. Hundreds of children from pre school to post primary school took part in the competition and the individual winners of each category along with the overall winner were on display in the National Art Gallery today. You can read more about the exhibition here.

The winning artwork;

Some of my favourites;


Ideas for integration;


Using the title of this competition ‘Imagining Ireland in 2116’; get the children to create their own pieces of artwork based on this. How do you think Ireland would be different in 100 years?

Looking and Responding; children can look at the above images by the competition winners and discuss them in groups and in whole class. Here is a list of Questioning Strategies from the PDST for Looking and Responding to Art.


Look at pictures of Ireland in 1916 and compare and contrast the images with pictures of today. Here are some photos from the National Gallery. (Google Maps could be used to show photos from the last few years!)

  • How much has changed in the last 100 years? (Look at clothing, modes of transport, streets, shops, houses, buildings etc.)
  • How much will change in the next 100 years?

Talk to older brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts/uncles, teachers, parents, grandparents and great grandparents about what has changed/ remained .This would be a great project as children could look at how things have changed over the last 70/80 years.


Children work in groups to create an object/machine that could be used in the future. The children can use their bodies to create life-size models of these machines. Children can add sounds and movement to their machines and then share their ideas with the whole class.


  • What do you think the world will be like in 2116?
  • What will change?
  • What will remain the same?
  • What would make our lives easier?
  • How have things changed?
  • Do things change quickly/slowly? Why do you think this happens?
  • Write about/ Talk about your artwork/object created in drama.

Did you ever watch The Jetsons? I loved this as a child. This could be a great starter for an oral language lesson. The programme was originally aired between 1962 and 1963 with new episodes in 1985 – 1987. This was before the children in primary school were born! The children can look at some of the ideas in the programme and discuss if any have happened or if they think they will happen in the future!