Ireland is a massive section in the Geography curriculum so this blogpost is just putting some useful links/ideas together covering different sections of Ireland.

Counties of Ireland

Counties of Ireland Poem – children can learn this poem and they will know the counties in each province. There is a great beat to this poem so they could add a beat using ‘beat box’/ body percussion. (Great for integration with music!) I don’t know the name of the poet!

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Find the county (Map of Ireland)

Each child has a map of Ireland – they are then asked to find the county that is north of Dublin, east of Longford, south of Monaghan etc. Can you find the county that is between Waterford and Kerry?


If you wanted to travel from Dublin to Waterford, what counties would you pass through? (Use google maps to look at different routes/bus timetables to see different villages that you would pass along the way) Which counties are inland? Which county is the smallest/largest?

Rivers, Lakes, Mountains

Rivers poem – this is also very catchy! (Again, I don’t know the poet)

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Loop card games – name the county that is located on this river/ name the mountains in this county.


What is a landmark? List the landmarks in your area. Divide the list into natural/man made landmarks.


Complete project work on landmarks in Ireland. Each child could choose a landmark in their county or in another county in Ireland and complete a project on it!

  • Where is the landmark situated?
  • Is it natural/man made?
  • Who made it/How was it formed?
  • When was it made/formed? (How old is it?)
  • How many people visit the landmark each year?

Design/Make some famous landmarks! (We did this as a whole school project a few years ago and it was brilliant – unfortunately I can’t find any photos)

National Geographic

Loop card game – name the county where this famous Irish landmark is located.