Irish Primary Teacher 2017-2018

And just like that we’ve reached the end of the summer holidays. This time tomorrow, I’ll be in school. Tomorrow is a day of meeting, planning and organising for the year ahead. The children won’t be joining us until Thursday. This is just a quick overview of my plans for the next year.


I’ll be teaching 5th class this year which I’m very excited about. I was in resource last year and I can’t wait to get back to the classroom. I completed my Dip with 5th class in 2012 and I loved the age group. Most of my blogposts will be related to 5th class but there are lots of other posts for different classes too!

Irish Primary Teacher (The Blog)

Over the summer I had a lot more time on my hands so was able to blog a lot. When we go back to school, I’ll aim for one/two blogposts a week (hopefully). If you have any blogpost requests- please email me!

I will continue to share things I find on Facebook and Instagram too. I find Instagram really great for sharing ideas and getting inspiration. You can follow me below

I’m so thrilled with the progress the blog has made over the last year with nearly 22,000 followers on Facebook and 4,000 on Instagram. In the past week there has been views of nearly 50,000 on the blog which is amazing! Thank you to everyone who reads, likes, comments and shares my blog and social media accounts!


Looking after you

I say this at the beginning of every school year and here I am saying it once again – it is so important to take time out and look after yourself throughout the school year. Being a teacher can often feel like having a never ending to do list with copies to correct, displays to change, parents to meet, lessons to plan, photocopying, laminating and thinking of new strategies for classroom management. The day  can be very full on working with children, trying to keep their attention and help them to achieve their potential.

You need to take time out, whether that time is going to the gym or for a walk/run, learning a new skill, meeting with friends and family, watching your favourite shows on Netflix – whatever it is, don’t cut it out of your life now that school is back – this is especially important for teachers who are newly qualified and beginning their Dip or the Droichead process.

For me, I plan on going to the gym three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) – I think having a plan/ specific days that you are going to do something really helps you to stick to it. I recently got the results of my Grade 3 Piano Exam and I’m delighted to be moving onto Grade 4 this year so I’ll have piano lessons weekly too. I’ve just finished Ozark on Netflix so I’ll be on the search for a new programme to watch – I really enjoyed the Marvel shows; Luke Cage and Jessica Jones and there seems to be a new one called ‘Defenders’ so I’m looking forward to trying that! If you have any other Netflix recommendations – please send them my way!

Nightly Cut Off

I try to have a nightly cut off point for school work and while the blog is a hobby it can sometimes feel a little like school too so I’ll be having a nightly cut off point of 7.30/8pm to try to keep things balanced.

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