Irish Primary Teacher and the Summer

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer so far! It’s amazing to have such a long time off especially when the weather is this nice!

Summer Courses

I’ve finished two of my summer courses with Anokha Learning – ‘Calm Bootcamp’ and ‘Eatwise’ which I really enjoyed. I want to get all my courses finished by the end of this week! I will be doing a full review on the courses over the next week or so. I found them really good, easy to do, and lots of great ideas that I’ll be using in the classroom next year. You can find out more about the courses here.


I’m heading on holidays at the end of July and I can’t wait so until then I’ll be doing a few blogposts, Instagram updates and sharing occasionally on Facebook too.

Other plans

I’m looking forward to spending time at home in Waterford, catching up with friends and family and doing a few day trips around Ireland. We still have a few bits and bobs to sort around the house so hopefully we’ll get them done over the holidays.

I’m also looking forward to watching lots of things on Netflix – any recommendations- send them my way! I’m also looking forward to reading a few new books – I find I’m really bad for reading throughout the year so try to read a lot during the summer months!

Blog and Social Media

I’ve found that teachers work differently – some people like to do lots of organising, buying resources and supplies etc. at the beginning of the holidays while others like to wait until a week or two before going back to school so I will be continuing to update the blog during the summer and also sharing blogposts from previous years on Facebook and Instagram.

I will be taking some time off at the end of July when I’m on holidays but other then that there will be regular updates during the summer.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays – if you have any blogpost requests or questions you can contact me or on Instagram/Facebook too!