I wanted to write a blogpost to share the exciting news that my planner is available for the 2021-2022 school year. (I know it’s REALLY early but this is the time of the year that printing for the following school year happens so I wanted to let you know as it sold out very quickly (thanks so much to everyone who bought one!) last year and there is a limited supply of them.)

I created the planner as a digital download in 2018 as I couldn’t find a layout that I was happy with and decided to experiment. I was delighted with the result and decided to print it on colour paper which I loved. In 2019, ABC School Supplies got in touch and we decided to work together to create a printed planner for the following school year. I worked with a designer (Nicolette) who was AMAZING and we decided on a polka dot cover (as I absolutely love polka dots). There was a huge amount of back and forth with the tiniest changes each time and finally we had a finished product ready to be published. The planner was put shared in March 2020 (during the first lockdown). We had no idea how much people would like the planner! It sold out in a few weeks which was shocking (and brilliant!)

This year, we’ve decided to publish more than last year so fingers crossed there will be enough for everyone!

What’s included?

Beginning pages

  • Year at a glance
  • Personal details
  • Class list
  • Birthdays
  • Timetable
  • Substitute teacher plan
  • Groups
  • Class awards
  • Monday

Monthly section

  • Monthly calendar
  • Monthly overview (subject areas)
  • Monthly to do lists
  • Weekly overview over two pages
  • Self care (on the weekly overview pages)
  • Notes (on the weekly overview pages)
  • Homework (end of each month)
  • Observations (end of each month)
  • Notes page (end of each month)

End pages

  • Meetings
  • Useful contacts
  • Reflection
  • Thematic units
  • Notes

Colour and Design

The planner is printed on high quality paper (not shiny so it’s perfect to write on). There is a different colour for each month. You can see the full planner on the ABC website (link below) so you can see if it’s something that will help you with your planning in school.

Tried and tested

As I’ve mentioned, the planner was created in 2018 as a digital download, it’s been used by thousands of teachers since and there have been improvements made each year. This year some of the main improvements are

  • Hardback bound
  • Thinner lines (more writing space) in the weekly overview
  • More meeting pages
  • More notes pages
  • Month at the top of each weekly overview page

Supporting Irish businesses

The planner was originally designed by me and then professionally designed by Nicolette from ABC School Supplies who also publish the planner. It’s printed and bound in Ireland too and posted by An Post.

Buy now!