Irish Primary Teacher Planner

I went to school last week and I couldn’t find the planner I got at a launch night for new school books last April. While procrastinating and avoiding the endless to do list for organising myself for school I started making my own planner including everything I thought might be useful. In the past I’ve found that I use a planner for a month or two and then get fed up with it and change to digital or a notebook so I have now put together my very own planner which I’m delighted with. It has lots of different sections to keep me focussed and hopefully you’ll like it too. The planner is a digital download – individual files so you can easily print more of the sections you like and if theres a section you feel that you won’t use then you don’t need to print it. This means that you can make your planner exactly how you want it. For me I’m using a folder to keep everything in and then I’ll add pages to it throughout the year as I need it. The planner is downloadable in PDF version. It is currently available in English only but I will look into getting it translated if people are interested.

 First up is a personal page with details about the owner – name, class, school, email and phone number.

Next up is a class list with name, date of birth and contact details for each pupil.

There is a 1 month per page calendar section from August until next June.

There is a monthly overview where you can write the key topics that will be covered each month in each subject and a weekly overview where you can add more information/ be more specific. (It has the same format but a different heading ‘weekly overview’)

The day by day section is a two page spread per week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are on the first page followed by Thursday, Friday and a To Do list on the second page. (You can also download this without the boxes or if you prefer a 1 page per week option you can see that below.)

I also put together a weekly to do page which is a great way to keep you focussed each week.

There’s a page for your timetable.

There are pages for meetings with parents, other professionals and staff meetings. I find I write notes after these meetings in notebooks never to be seen again so this will hopefully keep my note taking more focussed and I’ll easily be able to find and follow up on actions where necessary.

There is a page to organise groups for different subjects or activities.

I’m going to print a few of these and use them as a tick sheet for keeping a track of money. We use aladdin but it can be very time consuming – with this I can quickly tick in the morning and then input the information to Aladdin at the end of the day.

Class Birthday section to keep track of children’s birthdays.

Ever forget your password/log in details – theres a handy page to write them down!

Also a page to keep track of the children’s login details too.

If you are working in a SEN setting – this is a handy page to write down contact information for the other professionals working with the children in your class.

A reflection page is handy to keep track of what worked and what needs to be changed. Also great to keep track of useful websites or resources. This would be a helpful page for those completing their Dip or Droichead.

There’s a croke park hour tracker to write down how these hours were used.

There’s a homework tracker – I’m going to use this each week and I’ll be able to quickly see who is not completing their homework regularly.

This page is really helpful to guide a substitute teacher on the daily overview/ allergies or important information about your class.

And finally the back cover with some nice quotes for teachers.