Over the Christmas holidays, I decided to make a new resource for my class for the first week back. This will be a chance for them to revise concepts such as decimals, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, percentages and fractions and money.

I looked at some of the items on sale in different shops (I tried to pick items that the children would have an interest in or items that their parents might have bought during the sales) and devised questions around the item for the children to answer. I find my class respond so well to these types of Maths lessons and are interested and engaged.

Tomorrow (and Tuesday/Wednesday), they will work with a partner to solve these problems. The problems will be displayed on the board and the children will complete them together. This allows for conversations, sharing of methods/strategies used and discussion about the most effective way. As a class we will then discuss the answers and the strategies used.

The questions are tricky and mostly suitable to 5th/6th class. There are ten questions in total.

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