It’s that time of year… job advertisements are beginning to appear on Education Posts. When I first qualified I was desperate to find a job and I applied for approximately 1300 jobs. (Yes I know this seems completely ridiculous – but I was desperate) I applied for jobs in every county in Ireland and realistically I had no intention of moving anywhere outside of Waterford. Looking back I see this was a complete waste of time and money.

Things to get ready;

Teaching council registration (requirement for every job)
Garda vetting
Statutory Declaration (which can be signed by a solicitor – some charge €10-€15)
Contact your referees
Written references
Copies of certificates
Email address; be very careful
If your current email address is something like get a new one with your name like!

Do your research

Look on the school website/blog (Also look at individual class blogs)
Look at their Twitter account
If you know someone working there- talk to them about what the school is like.



The application form should be enough to send however some schools also look for a cv. Your cv should only be 2 pages long and include;


  • Personal information (name, address, phone number)
  • Education (college, results)
  • Additional qualifications/certificates (music, drama, sport, sen etc)
  • Referees

Application Form

The first few pages need personal details, teaching council, qualifications and teaching experience.

Areas of special interest

Music – do you play an instrument/sing? Are you a member of a choir/ orchestra?
Sport – do you play for a local team/club? do you coach a team outside of school? have you set up an after school club? would you be willing to set this up?
SEN – have you done a sen course? do you have experience in working with children with sen?
DEIS- what experience do you have?
Intercultural and Development education – what experience do you have with working with children with english as an additional language? have you completed any courses?
Infant education – are you aistear trained? trained in numicon? trained in jolly phonics?
Particular subject area

Other relevant employment experience

Have you worked in a summer camp/art camp/ drama camp? volunteered in any children’s organisations? Have you given grinds/ worked as a tutor? Have you worked as a TEFL teacher or a camp leader in the Gaeltacht?

Please indicate how your experience/skill can assist you in this particular post


  • Discuss your experience and skills (either teaching/ other relevant employment)
  • What does your classroom look like? How do you motivate children to succeed? (Praise, encouragement, high expectations)
  • Resource making – do you make your own?
  • What skills do you have in differentiation? (Have you worked with children with SEN or children who are gifted?)
  • How would you assess children?
  • If this school is a DEIS school – link your previous experience to this.
  • If the school has a huge interest in sport – what can you give to help/improve? etc.
  • Use the school website to find out more information about the school!

Please indicate how you think you can contribute to the ethos and success of the school


  • What is the ethos of the school?
  • Check the schools mission statement which is usually displayed on the schools website.  What makes this school different to other schools?
  • What skills/experiences do you have that will help you fit in with the ethos of the school?
  • Do you play an instrument – can you play at school mass/Communion/Confirmation?
  • Schools are teams of people working together to enable children to reach their full potential so what team work skills do you have?
  • What extra- curricular activities can you offer?