So it’s that time of year again… jobs for next September are beginning to be advertised, the main panel has been released and the supplementary panel will follow in a few weeks. I’ve received lots of messages from teachers wondering about jobs and panels and CID’s and I know I have always found the whole situation very confusing so I’m hoping to give a quick overview of each here.

Casual subbing

Day to day subbing is usually to cover for a teacher who is sick. Teachers can register with Text a Sub, Sub Search or their local teachers centre to show their availability for subbing.

Substitute positions

These positions arise due to maternity leaves, sick leave, parental leave etc. Substitute positions can last for a few weeks to the full year depending on whether the teacher takes extended leave etc. You can read more about substitute teacher pay etc here on the INTO website.

Temporary positions/Fixed term positions

Temporary and fixed term positions arise due to career breaks, job share, enrolment numbers etc. These positions can begin at any stage and last until the end of the year. If you are covering a temporary/fixed term position you will be paid for the holidays (mid terms, Christmas, Easter etc.) and if you start before November 1st (usually) then you will be paid for the summer months. You can read more about temporary positions here on the INTO website.

Main panel

If a teacher is permanent or holds a CID in their school but the school loses a teacher then the last teacher on the seniority list is placed on the main panel in their area and will be redeployed to a school in the diocese.

Supplementary Panel

All days paid by the Department of Education count towards supplementary panel rights. There are a few criteria that need to be met; salary scale, teaching council registration etc.

CID – Contract of Indefinite Duration

Once you have completed 2 full years in the same school and there is a further position (must be temporary) for the third year – your principal can apply for a CID for you. A CID is the equivalent of a permanent position. You can read more about it here!