Just Grammar – A review

Just Grammar is a new grammar book from Educate.ie. There is a book for 1st – 6th class. One grammar topic is covered each week with a learning outcome at the bottom of each page which is very handy for planning. The books are appealing and child friendly while also full of activities to ensure each grammar point is covered thoroughly.


There is one grammar topic per week. The books for 1st and 2nd class have 32 pages, 3rd class has 40, 4th class has 48 and 5th and 6th class have 64 pages. Each grammar point is introduced and progresses throughout the levels. Each grammar point has a consistent definition from the 1st class book to the 6th class book along with good examples and activities for the children to complete. After a few topics there is a revision section to ensure that children fully understand and grasp the grammar points covered so far. There is also an assessment section at the end of each book.



Each topic has a wide range of activities some examples include; circle the capital letter or the correct spelling, fill in the blanks, putting the words in the correct order, match, colour the number of syllables, ring the mistakes, underline, fill in the table, write sentences, crosswords etc. The variety of topics keeps children interested and engaged. The content of the activities is very child friendly and relatable.

There is also an early finishers activity related to the topic which the children can complete in their copies – this could be used as a homework activity for further consolidation.

Topics covered

Cost and where to purchase

The books are available directly from Educate.ie here.

The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th class books are €2.95 each. The 5th and 6th class books are €3.95 each.

Teacher Resources

There is a yearly overview with the topics to be covered in each month (for each year group) available to download from the Educate Website too.

You can also access the ebook which is useful to display on the interactive whiteboard.

There is also an assessment section at the end of each book.

Overall I think Just Grammar is a fantastic series of grammar books for 1st to 6th class. Personally, I haven’t found anything that covers grammar as comprehensively as these books and I definitely recommend them!



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