Keep calm and carry on…

I often find with teaching that its hard to shut down and leave it in school. Sometimes you can be overrun with emotions and racking your brain to find solutions to problems with children’s behaviour or things they’ve told you or how to get them to master long division. The stress at times can be overwhelming but each day you have got to perform and put on a happy face and keep calm and carry on.

Here are some tips for dealing with stress as a primary teacher

  • Have a cut off point and be very strict. My cut off point is 8.30pm and I never work past this time – therefore I have time to relax before bed.
  • Try if at all possible to do the majority of work in school. When you leave, the work is done and the rest of the evening is your own. 
  • Go for a walk/run/swim. Now that its summer go to the beach and walk in the water – its so relaxing!
  • Talk to friends/family and get it off your chest. Sometimes, once you have said it it doesn’t seem as bad.
  • Talk to colleagues or management and ask for advice or help. 
If all else fails.. eat chocolate 🙂

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