Knowing the lingo

Whether you are thinking about becoming a teacher, an NQT or a more experienced teacher – the terminology and phrases change regularly. This is a brief blog post about different abbreviations and words that are associated with primary schools and teachers.

In college;

TP -Teaching Practice
Supervisor – person who supervises you when you are on TP
External supervisor – person who supervises you when you are on TP but who doesn’t work in the college.
Float – a supervisor who isn’t specifically assigned to you but will observe you if requested by your supervisor, you are on track to get an A or fail or to monitor your supervisor.


PT Meeting – Parent teacher meetings
Croke Park – An hour a week that primary teachers are required to do under the Croke Park and Haddington Road Agreements.
CPD – Continued Professional Development
P/C – photocopy
H/W – homework
Sub – a teacher covering when a teacher is absent
NQT – Newly Qualified Teacher
Course Day – a day in lieu when you have completed a course during the summer.
Dip – Diploma/ NQT Year – where you are inspected by someone from the Department of Education on your planning, classroom management, teaching in general.
Communication Notebook – A notebook that is shared between the teacher and parent of pupils who present with special education needs or challenging behaviour.


Substitute contract – a contract to cover a maternity leave, sick leave or parental leave (of least than 1 year)
Temporary contract- a contract from September – September (including summer pay). Usually arises due to a permanent teacher taking a career break.
Fixed term contract – a contract from September – end of school year (June)


ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder
ADHD – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
ADD – Attention deficit disorde
EBD – Emotional Behaviour Disorder
GAM – General Allocation Model (pupils who get extra support from learning support and sometimes resource teachers)
IEP – Individual education plan
IPLP – Individual Profile and Learning Profile

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