Learning Logs

Learning logs are a great way for children to reflect on their week in school. I use learning logs every Friday afternoon. It takes about 15 minutes for children to answer some questions for their learning log.

The children write in their Test copies (after their spelling/table/maths tests) – I think I will separate the copy into front (for learning logs) and back (for tests) so the learning logs can all go together!

The questions I use are (these may change slightly or I may add more throughout the year);

  • This week we learned….
  • I enjoyed….
  • I would like to learn more about ….

The children work independently to write the answers to these questions in their copies. The copy can be brought home on a weekly basis to share with their family and it is also a good way for the teacher to quickly see what the children enjoyed most and what they would like to learn more about!

One thought on “Learning Logs

  1. A lovely addition to this that I use is to allow my 5th/6th class write a question that they would like me to answer at the end of their learning log. It’s great fun on a Friday. I tell them that it can be about anything (within reason) and I answer in their copy too. It’s great fun to see what is on their mind. Questions tend to range from the serious to the absolutely absurd.

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