Learning something new

I’ve wanted to learn the piano for as long as I can remember but I always kept putting it on the long finger. Last year, I decided to bite the bullet – bought a piano and began lessons a few weeks later. I love music and already had a good foundation after years of playing the violin – I quickly progressed from piece to piece and I was delighted. I then reached a point where I wasn’t moving on as fast and I started to get a bit annoyed, disappointed and wondered if I was wasting my time and money paying for lessons. I was tempted to give up (silly – I know) but decided to give it another shot.


We are now 5 weeks into the term and I love it once again. I plan on doing Grade 2 next year if everything goes to plan! I suppose I’m writing this blogpost to share my own experience of learning something new. It made me think of how the children must feel when they are learning lots of new things at once and how easy it can be to have a fixed mindset/give up when things get a bit difficult or you aren’t making the progress you feel you should.

I think its also important to remember you’re never too old to learn something new. I’m so glad I decided to give the piano a go and didn’t give up when it became a bit more difficult than I imagined!

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