Learning Support and Resource – What’s the difference?

I’m sure a lot of people know the difference between each of these roles but when I was in college I thought they were pretty much the same thing, when I first started applying for jobs many jobs were advertised as learning support/resource. This is just a quick post to explain the difference between the two roles.

Learning Support;
A learning support teacher provides support to those children whose achievement is at a very low level and who are at risk of not reaching adequate levels of proficiency in Literacy and Numeracy. These children are usually identified by the class teacher and on standardised tests. Learning Support teachers sometimes work in the classroom with a small group of pupils who need extra support or withdraw children for intensive reading and maths sessions.

A resource teacher provides support to children who have had a psychological assessment and who have a diagnosis. Resource teachers work with children with Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Emotional and Behavioural issues and Speech and language difficulties. Usually a resource teacher works with the child alone outside the classroom. Sometimes the child will work with other children for social skills or movement group. Resource teachers help children to develop social skills, appropriate behaviour and manage their emotions as well as literacy and numeracy.

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