I posted a picture of a water bottle on my Facebook page yesterday

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 23.20.49


I was delighted to see the majority of people agree that children should be allowed to drink water during lessons/activities and not have to ask for permission.

I’m currently on a mission to drink more water myself and therefore would encourage the children in my class to do the same. I know I feel much better when I stay hydrated during the day and it is vital as a teacher to drink a lot of water as most of your day is spent talking – either introducing a lesson, helping individual children or chatting to colleagues at break and lunch time.

I think its important to teach children to be sensible when drinking water during lessons and to take sips rather than drinking the whole bottle and then rushing to the toilet. I would also not allow children to drink juice etc. during class time – water is the only drink allowed.

Toilets – children should be allowed to use the bathroom whenever they need to. However some children could happily spend the whole day in there so I make it clear from Day 1 that children should not use the bathroom at the beginning of a lesson (unless its an emergency) otherwise they end up missing important teaching points. (An idea might be to have a sign out sheet – it will be clear very quickly who is spending too long/ too often in the bathroom)