I’ve received a few messages asking about what to include in the letter of application.
Personally, I give some key points that make me a suitable candidate for the role. The letter of application is the first thing that the selection board will see and therefore you need to stand out and make them interested in reading your application!

How to start;
Dear Chairperson
Dear Reverend Chairperson
Dear Sir/ Madam
Dear Mr. X
Dear Ms. Y
Dear Fr. L
To whom it concerns,

There are lots of options to choose from;
If the chairperson’s name is given in the application then use it, otherwise try to find the name of the chairperson on the schools website. Only use ‘Reverend Chairperson’ if you are 100% sure he is a priest.

Usually I use; Dear Chairperson.

1st line;

I wish to apply for the position of ________________ at ___________________ school.


Please find my application for the position of _________________ at _______________ school enclosed/attached (if email).

My _____________ and _______________ would make an excellent addition to your teaching staff.

Next choose 2/3 main points that would make you a perfect candidate.
Qualifications? (Teaching practice grades – if newly qualified)
Experience (have you worked elsewhere? in a different field – how will this contribute to your teaching?)
Other extra curricular activities?
Experience as a resource teacher?
Working in a range of schools/class levels?

Research any school you would like to work in – read the mission statement and school ethos and see how your skill set and experience fits in with the school.

Dear Chairperson,

I wish to apply for the position of mainstream class teacher at St. Mary’s N.S. I ¬†feel that my experience and enthusiasm in the classroom would make an excellent contribution to your staff.

In the classroom, I use a range of different methodologies to keep the children interested and active in their own learning. I completed my probation in 2014 and have experience as a mainstream and also a learning support teacher. My time as a learning support teacher taught me how to best differentiate for children who have additional learning needs.

I also love to get involved in extra curricular activities. In my current role, I coach the school gaelic football team and was involved in the set up of the school Choir.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application.

Yours faithfully,