I’ve had a lot of messages from teachers and parents looking for additional activities for children and it got me thinking about life skills that the children could be developing at home during this time. Obviously, this will be dependent on the amount of time that parents have available, age of children etc. and this post is certainly not intended to add to parents workload as the suggested tasks are things that are likely to be done on a weekly basis at home anyway. Maybe try one a week? After a week or two, the child could be given the responsibility for completing the task independently.

Preparing food

  • Peel a carrot

  • Peel a potato

  • Wash and chop mushrooms

  • Wash and chop a pepper

  • Chop up fruit for a smoothie

  • Make the mixture for cupcakes (follow a recipe)

  • Make the mixture for pancakes

Making food

  • Boil and egg

  • Make scrambled eggs

  • Make a sandwich

  • Make a cup of tea

  • Make a smoothie


  • Pair the socks

  • Hoover

  • Fill the dishwasher

  • Empty the dishwasher

  • Put on a wash

  • Fold clothes and put them away

  • Bring out the recycling


  • Tins of food in the cupboard (by date) or by food

  • Books

  • Toys

  • Their clothes

  • Box/Bag of books from school

As mentioned previously, these are just suggestions that might work for your child; they’ll keep the child busy and teach them really important life skills and make them more independent while also taking on a new responsibility.