Literacy on the Loose (Webinar with School of Education, Trinity College Dublin, Marino Institute of Education and Limerick&Clare ETB)

I just wanted to put a blogpost together about this Webinar that I joined at the end of April. The webinar was all about Literacy and focussed on different ways that parents could support their children at home. I found the webinar really fascinating and learned a lot myself. The ideas were really practical, hands on and easy to implement without the need to spend any money or invest in or source resources. The webinar was presented by

Ann Devitt, Colm Ross, Jennifer Liston, Noirin Hayes,

Mary Flanagan, Jennifer O’Sullivan, ClaraMaria Fiorentini.

I hear about the webinar from Clara who runs ‘Little Miss Teacher Blog’ who shared the details on her page.

I got in contact with Ann Devitt and she gave me permission to share the videos below in the hope that more and more families would be able to see them.

Literacy in the Kitchen

Literacy on the Couch

Literacy on the mobile

Literacy on devices

Literacy on the television

Literacy in nature

Literacy with two languages


If you’d like to watch the whole webinar