Lullymore Heritage Park; A Review

We had our school trip to Lullymore Heritage Park in Co. Kildare this year. The children enjoyed a fantastic day and the teachers were treated to delicious fresh scones and tea/ coffee.



The day was well organised. Each group did a different activity and then we came together for break and lunch.

  • Guided tour – houses from the past, the bog, fairy bower, pet farm
  • Train ride
  • Indoor Play Area – funky forest
  • Outdoor Play Area

Guided Tour

We had a fantastic guide – Emma who was brilliant with the children and very knowledgeable. She showed the animals first including a llama, alpaca, donkey, horses, rabbits, chickens, birds etc.

lullymore 2 lullymore 3 lullymore 4 lullymore 5

Next we went walking through the forest where we saw a house from about 100-150 years ago with a thatched roof followed by a Crannog from about 6000 years ago.

We continued walking towards a clearing where the children jumped up and down and felt the ground shake (because we were in a bog).

Then we went up to a little centre all about the bog. The children could see the bog through the windows, learned about how a bog forms and saw a bog body!

lullymore 11

Following this we returned to the starting point and went to a beautiful garden to see the Fairy Bower. The children were so excited and it really was magical. Then we walked down to a Hawthorn Tree where we all joined hands and made a wish to the fairies. (You’re not allowed wish for romance, money or extra wishes!)

Train Ride

There are 3 carriages – two with windows and one without (It just started to rain so we jumped into the ones with windows!). The children loved it! The train goes through the bog so they saw everything up close. We were also lucky to see some geese who have only recently arrived in Lullymore.

Play Area

The indoor playground ‘Funky Forest’ is brilliant. There are lots of different areas including a ball pit, slides, obstacle courses etc. The children happily played here for over 40 minutes.

The outdoor area is also great (unfortunately it started lashing 5  minutes after we got there).

lullymore 12

Lunch Time

There is a Cafe inside with tables and  chairs where the children can have their lunch. We sat outside in a marquee with long benches. There is also picnic benches in the garden area (but there probably wouldn’t be enough space for more than 1 class).

Overall the tour was a great success. The children really enjoyed it and shouts of ‘WOW!’ ‘Epic!’ and ‘This is SO cool’ were heard throughout the day!



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