Magnetic Whiteboard Dice from ABC School Supplies

I shared this dice on the IPT Facebook page at the end of the summer and ABC School Supplies kindly sent it to me a few weeks later. I’ve been using it a lot in the resource room and I think it’s a really brilliant resource.



Some ways to use the dice;


The dice can be used to practice dolch words/ sight words.


Or to practice word families


It could also be used for ‘quick – fire’ language games; ask the children to name 3 things they might find in/on..


If you have magnetic tape you could have printed dolch words which would work quite well. For older classes you could pick new vocabulary and play a game of explaining the new word.

You could play a game of ‘Guess the animal’ where different animals are written on each face, one child doesn’t watch, the dice is then rolled and the child who doesn’t know the animal asks questions about the animal until he/she guesses the right answer.


Magic number; children are given a magic number e.g. 10/20/50. They then roll the dice – they have to work out what they would need to add to the number to reach the magic number.

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Place value;

Roll the highest number – child with the highest number wins.

Roll 2 numbers and add them together or subtract them.


Mental maths sums; write maths sums within 10/20 or doubles/near doubles and the children have to answer them as quickly as they can. Fun way to practice mental maths.

I think the dice is a great resource to have – these are just some of the ways I have been using it in the resource room – I’m sure there are hundreds of other ideas and ways to use it. It is available from ABC School Supplies here

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