Making your Timetable (Resource Teacher)

Making a timetable for resource can be tricky. The resource hour allocations were cut by 15% a few years ago. I find it best to work in minutes rather than hours so I’ve made this table which you might find helpful. It includes the new allocations (-15%) and the minutes that the child is entitled to.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 20.24.23

When making the resource timetable there are some things to consider;

Time of the day.

Some children find different times of the day really difficult and need the resource room as a place of quiet and calm. For example if a child struggles with the noise, hustle and bustle of the yard then a session in the resource room straight after might be really beneficial. Another child might need support first thing in the morning to help get him/her set up for the day.

Other teachers

Is there a learning support teacher working with the children in the classroom too? Try to collaborate with the learning support teacher so that the times can overlap so the class teacher and the class aren’t being constantly interrupted.

Missing subjects 

The child shouldn’t be missing the same subjects every day so speak to the class teacher and work out the times that best suit.



It is possible for a child with resource hours to have some of these hours as part of a group. (They should also have 1:1 sessions.)

Length of sessions

I try to do 3 before break, 2 between break and lunch and 2 in the afternoon.

To find out how many hours a child is entitled to; check their diagnosis (from psychological report) and see below. (SENCO should have a list of children’s names and hours too.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 20.29.47

Hope this blogpost has been useful! I’ll share a copy of my resource timetable once it has been completed (minus the children’s names of course). I won’t be making the timetable until the end of the first/second week in September.


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