Making your Timetable

Timetables are one of the planning requirements for probation but are also needed in every classroom/ resource or learning support setting. I’ve been looking at the allocations over the last few days and am bemused about how I’ll have 42 mins a day for Gaeilge and 36 mins a day for SESE. I wonder who came up with these times and allocations.

Timetables can be difficult to do as there are lots of different factors to consider – do you want to do the same subject at the same time each day? When are children leaving the class for resource or learning support? Is there a weekly assembly? What day is your yard duty? Do you need a calming activity straight after lunch to get the children settled for the afternoon?

 Here are the allocations for full day and infant day! 

Here is the daily allocation.
What works for me;
SESE – I do 3 hour blocks.
Music – 3 x 20 mins lessons or 2 x 30mins
Art – 60 mins
Drama (link with Literacy and Gaeilge) 2×30 mins or 1x 60 mins
Gaeilge (Language 2) – 50 mins a day
My Timetable 
This is an outline of what I hope to use in September but will more than likely change once I meet the children and see what works best with them and with the learning support/ resource teachers so that children don’t miss the same subject each day! 

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